Not Just Your Average Lube Shop

Where else will you get a free car wash with every oil change?

When owners Kate and Nick Keates opened Oasis AutoCare's doors nearly 10 years ago, they had a vision. We wanted to provide exceptional service to our customers and offer them a product that was unique yet competitively priced, said Kate Keates. Oasis AutoCare is the only quick lube and car wash complex in Barrie.

The Lube Express centre consists of three bays where customers can drive in with no appointments necessary. Services provided in the bays are oil changes, transmission ushes, coolant ushes, and a host of other preventative maintenance services.

They consider their lube technicians as preventative maintenance consultants. As part of our service we educate people about their vehicles, said Keates. We get complimented often on our service and our honesty.

The Oasis Lounge has become a haven for many weary road warriors. Customers enjoy having a lounge where they can read magazines and newspapers or watch TV while enjoying complimentary bottled water and coffee. There is a window that separates the lounge from the lube bays so customers can watch their vehicles being worked on. The option to remain in your car during service is also available.

Oasis AutoCare's biggest competitive advantage over other quick lube facilities is the free car wash they provide with every oil change. "Our prices are competitive with other lube shops, plus they get a free car wash," said Keates. This is the kind of bonus that keeps people coming back!

The car wash is over a hundred feet of state of the art equipment that provides a superior wash result and has been claimed by many to be the best car wash in Barrie!

As the world becomes more conscientious about the environment, Oasis AutoCare strives to instill the virtues of a commercial wash in its customers. On a beautiful summer day many people love to get out the hose, bucket and detergent to wash their car at home. What people may not know is that the contaminated wastewater from washing vehicles in driveways goes into storm and sewer drains - directly into our lakes and rivers! Also, washing a car at home typically uses between 80 and 140 gallons of water, while a commercial car wash averages less than 45 gallons per car. So when you're thinking about pulling out the hose and bucket, head to Oasis instead. You'll be doing your part to protect our precious environment!

Last October they introduced their "Monthly Wash Pass" that allows customers to wash their cars once a day for thirty days. "These passes have become very popular," stated Keates, "and they have been a great incentive for people to experience our facility." Also available are books of 5 and 10 wash packs at signi cant savings over buying individual washes. A live attendant will take payments and guide you onto the conveyor adding that personal touch that differentiates themselves from other car washes.

For both Kate and Nick Keates, building this business from the ground up has been about realizing a dream. They had a vision, and if their customer satisfaction is any indication, they've succeeded in making that dream come true.

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